A tiny island in the gulf of Thailand, Koh Tao is simply stunning. It is considered the best place in Southeast Asia to get certified for diving and diving in general. I stayed there with DJ Mizuyo and instead of diving we bought a snorkel and fins so we could jump in anywhere at any time. Wildlife is abundant above and below the sea. I really enjoyed hiking and taking photos of everything I could find. I glimpsed the famed Nicobar pigeon but was too slow to get a good photo of them.  We hiked around nearly all the island save Mango Bay as the road was completely washed out. 

The vibe was good on the island even though we were still going through the lockdowns and various testing rules Thailand was putting in place for Covid-19. Restaurants were offering deals which made it a surprisingly cheap island to live on. There wasn’t much to do but there was plenty of jungle and sea so we enjoyed it as much as we could. There was a six week period where it poured so much rain every road was basically a waterfall. 

I spent 4 months here and 1 month of it was testing and shooting Slow Tao.  I killed all my drone batteries for this project as the batteries were old and physically exploding out of their cases. Adding the audio element to the film really completed the experience for me. The main reason I created Slow Tao was for the visuals but once I got the “dead cat” wind breaker for the Zoom H5 it inspired me to create the full experience of the island. Without tourists this was a great opportunity to capture the sounds of the jungle and the ocean to get the real wild experience.