This short film focuses on the urban renewal in Shanghai, China over 7 years. Using drone footage and time-lapse photography this 7 minute film reveals the development of the city in a dramatic fashion.

From the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum:

As an important economic center and shipping center of China, a city well-known for history and culture, Shanghai will be gradually developed into an international metropolis of socialist modernization, building it into an international economic center, financial center, trade center and shipping center of the world.

The Shanghai Urban Master Plan (1999-2020) approved by the State Council in 2001 proposed to further develop along the riverside and coastline based on the development along the traditional Shanghai-Ningbo and Shanghai-Hangzhou axes. It also planned to continue the development in Pudong New Area, focus on building new towns and central towns, and take Chongming as the strategic space for sustainable development of Shanghai in the 21st century. The plan put forward an urban space outlay with “multiple axes”, multiple layers and multiple cores” and a township system with four layers including “central cities, new cities, central town and ordinary town”, of which central cities maintained the “open” outlay with “multiple centers”.

The new round of urban master plan of Shanghai will follow the principle of “compilation based on various opinions”. It will provide the public with the all-course participation mechanism and means featuring all directions, multi-levels and various channels. The highlight in the innovation of public participation modesis (sic) the establishment of a public participation advisory panel consisting of representatives from all walks of life. They will directly participate in the consultation of key issues or phase achievements in the new round of urban master plan, which will reflect the opinions and advice of various social groups. Meanwhile, the public may grasp various information about compilation of the new round of master plan in an all-sided and instant manner through channels such as official WeChat, Weibo (microblog), and website. They may participate in the whole course of plan compilation and give feedback in time.

Shot with a DJI Phantom 4, Canon DSLRs (550D, 600D, 6D) between 2009 and 2017. Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Lightroom, LRTimelapse and Davinci Resolve were used for post.

Music is “The Violent Bear it Away” by Moby. Used with license.

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