Video Production

Joe provides professional video production, editing and motion graphics services, giving you a partner to take your video ideas and turn them into beautifully crafted media ready to be used for your marketing, advertising, branding, engagement, training, or other needs.

Timelapse Photography

A specialty of Joe’s, time-lapse videos can document the entire development of a project. They are the best investment you can make to showcase all the work involved in the process. From simple a sunrise to long term construction projects to experimental flow-motion and hyperlapses Joe is a time-lapse leader in Asia. 

Aerial Video

Joe has extensive drone experience flying in multiple countries for various projects. He is now learning FPV flying to allow flying in tighter spaces and get a new cinematic experience.

Why him?

Timelapse Expert

Timelapses are simply mesmerizing. Seeing the beauty in everyday processes by playing with time is fascinating and drives Joe to shoot every day. He has been shooting timelapse since 2008.

Award Winning

Joe's urban development film, Chai, utilized timelapses over 7 years in Shanghai, China to earn him 3rd place in the 2018 Timelapse Film Festival.

Professional Service

Joe has been creating videos for clients for 12 years ranging from feature films to corporate branding videos to Kickstarter campaigns. He has worked as a freelance video producer doing editing, motion graphics and overall video production.






Joe is a cinematographer and producer based in Bangkok, Thailand. His personal projects involving aerial and time-lapse have been featured on BBC, National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Gizmodo, Mashable, VICE, Culture Trip, UNILAD and many others.

Born and raised in Southern California, USA, Joe spent his youth playing sports, working on cars and exploring the great outdoors of California. Ever in search of a way to express himself, he finally picked up a camera in his late teens and began shooting. With a passion for capturing moments in ways unseen before and share them with the rest of the world, time-lapse photography imposed itself. Since then, he is constantly in search of a perspective that will transmit both the beauty and the speed of the world in which we live in.
Joe’s camera work has been featured in campaigns by Marriott Luxury Brands, Apple, Nike, Adidas, GoPro, Coach, Shangri-La Hotels and other international brands.