To most people Covid-19 started in March 2020. For me it was January 2020 when I was in Shanghai, China. We had early reports from Wuhan of some kind of virus outbreak and the city was under lockdown. With no experience of a pandemic we really had no idea what to expect or what it meant. Soon Shanghai and most cities in China were under full lockdown. In my apartment building we needed a “pass” to enter/exit each and every time which got really annoying. Most of my friends were out of the country already as it was near Chinese New Year and they were doing their annual travels. It was also freezing cold in the city so I decided to take a few weeks holiday to get away from these “frivolous” measures and mask mandates and go to Phuket, Thailand. A friend joined me for the weekend only but I had other friends from Shanghai there so at least I wouldn’t be totally alone. By the time the date came for me to fly the rest of the world was learning about Covid-19 and had banned all flights from China. From Thailand I kept my eyes and ears on the news and learned I probably wouldn’t be heading back into China very soon. This video is the story of the first year in Thailand who so graciously let me stay in their beautiful country.

Video pw: JoeThailand135