In 2019 I was commissioned by Shanghai American School to produce a series of videos for their two campuses. The concept was to capture just one day in each division to show the diversity of all the activities and learning experiences that happen every day on campus. We had 5-7 cameras running around the campus as well as a few timelapse cameras installed to capture the activity of the students and faculty. Everything in the videos actually happened on the one day we designated as a shoot day.

Each campus has 3 divisions: elementary, middle school and high school. We created a video per division as well as 6 videos targeting prospective students and parents for each division. Using the footage collected from the shooting days I compiled a main video for the school to showcase the incredible diversity of activities at the school. The music was composed by a high school student, Anna Snow.

As a fun gift I also edited a blooper reel as the students and faculty were an absolute joy to film with.